Dominique Smajstr

Individual & Couples Therapist, BCouns, Grad Dip. Relationship Counselling, Cert. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Couple Therapy

Passionate about working with the challenges inherent in romantic relationships Dominique works collaboratively with couples to help them break unhealthy patterns that work against their relationship. Dominique helps couples discover new ways of communicating and relating to each other, develop a deeper awareness of self and partner whilst supporting growth both individually and together. Dominique provides a safe and reflective environment for couples to share their concerns and vulnerabilities so they can deepen trust and intimacy and build a stronger, more satisfying relationship. Dominique works Systemically and is informed by The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, The Gottman Method, Emotion Focused Therapy and Mindfulness.

Counselling & Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

In individual therapy Dominique will guide you through the process of exploring your life within a trusted relationship to foster self-examination, self-understanding and insight. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy addresses the ways in which early experiences can influence current thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Often a person is unaware that this influence is even present. Taking this inward journey of self-discovery is often empowering and transformative as the unconscious is made more conscious leading to meaningful changes and a sustained shift in being. Psychotherapy is effective in treating depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma and relationship / interpersonal issues. Counselling is usually short term with a focus on a specific problem whereas Psychotherapy is longer term with a focus on deeper issues.

has experience with:
Couples Therapy
Interpersonal Relationships
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Individual $160 per session (50min) - Couples $185 per session (60min)
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Friday, Saturday, Sunday
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